Kitchen Timers

Attention to detail is what sets the serious home chefs apart from the culinary dabblers. Keep up with the details with organizational tools like kitchen timers that remind you when a task needs doing or a cake is done baking. Life is distracting and it’s easy to overcook delicate dishes. Give yourself a cook’s assistant by using our Williams-Sonoma Smart Thermometer or any of our timekeeping tools. Another detail often overlooked is having the proper cutting board for the job you’re doing. A carving board with a narrow channel along the edges is designed to catch juices and fatty bits that drain from roasted meats and poultry. We have decorative and plain carving board designs that save your countertops and tables from a big mess. End-grain cutting boards with curved-down edges are perfect for dicing veggies and sliding them from board into simmering stockpot. Bread boards have a handle for moving hot loaves from oven to table. Shop around to find the right boards for your cooking and baking needs and you’ll make kitchen work much easier.

If you want to make gourmet meat and poultry dishes you need the correct meat and poultry tools to aid you in cutting, tenderizing and handling all types of proteins. Order a set of walnut turkey forks or a turkey lifter to go with your new carving board or get a new ground meat chopper to make taco and chili nights easier at the stove. To prepare a delicious pepper steak or create your own ground-spice mix for use when grilling you need spice grinders and other tools to bring out the essences of your dried and fresh flavoring ingredients. These are the details that help you create memorable food.