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Strainers and Colanders

From salads, to desserts to side dishes, colanders and strainers are a big part of every home chef’s toolbox. At Williams-Sonoma, we have a wide selection of full colanders, hand-held strainers and similar tools to make cooking simple.

Save space with a corner colander that fits right in the corner of the sink, making food prep easy. The wide lip allows it to hang securely over the corner of the sink and support even heavy loads of pasta. Collapsible colanders save on storage space, while colander sets offer a choice of sizes for different meals.

For smaller jobs, use a handheld strainer. A three-piece strainer set offers a number of sizes so you can choose the one needed for different recipes. Skim the fat off of gravy or sauces with one of our skimmers or use one of our No-Spill Gravy Separators. Ultra-fine cheesecloth is a kitchen staple with a variety of uses from straining stock to making tofu. Funnels with strainers make it possible to transfer liquids into narrow containers while removing larger particles.

Instead of tossing salads by hand, mix them faster with our salad spinners that dry and mix your greens in one simple step. Just add and rinse the greens, and then pump and spin to get a perfect base so the dressing and ingredients mix well. Make food prep easier with the right tools.