Spice & Nut Tools

Just as you use specialized tools such as coffee grinder for this task, it's a better idea to have a separate spice grinder if youʼre a frequent coffee drinker and prolific cook. That way, you wonʼt have to worry about flavor transfer, that is, you wonʼt wake up one morning and freshly grind some coffee that ends up tasting like curry. While that may not be an undesirable prospect for some, it might not be so great for guests or family members with food allergies.

Our spice and nut tool options are also great if you have friends or family who have celiac disease or a diagnosable gluten intolerance. Grinding nuts, such as almonds or hazelnuts, into a fine powder can give you an excellent wheat flour substitute for homemade infused hot cider to grinding almonds into a fine, flour-like consistency, our spice tools and nut tools can help make your culinary dreams become a reality. Using specifically designed tools to do things like crack hard-shelled nuts, grind spice blends and infuse wine with mulling spices helps prevent cross-contamination and flavor transfer across different types of tools in your kitchen. Whether you know individuals with food allergies and other dietary restrictions or not, having the right equipment makes a huge difference in your ability to create delicious cuisine.