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Graters make quick work of otherwise tedious tasks, including shredding cheeses for lasagna toppings, creating a fine dusting of chocolate over pastries and making julienne cuts of vegetables for salads. With the right tool, these and many more grating and slicing kitchen tasks can be accomplished in seconds with minimal effort and cleanup required. We have hand-selected a variety of graters for you, ranging from fine to coarse, handheld to rotary and all-in-ones to sets.

Designed exclusively for Williams-Sonoma are our Prep Tools, Open Kitchen and All-Clad graters. Choose a coarse grater – with wider holes – for grating fairly soft cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella as well as firm vegetables like potatoes and zucchini. A fine grater is ideally suited for grating citrus peel to create a fine zest, ginger root, hard cheeses like Parmesan and Romano, and chocolate. Our graters are made of durable and easy to clean stainless-steel. Ergonomically designed handles and non-slip feet allow you to grate with less effort and fatigue. Our six-sided, conical and box graters provide up to six grating surfaces in one tool, including all-purpose and julienne slicers. A pullout bottom catches your food for less mess, and side windows allow you to measure how much you’ve grated without lifting the grater up to use a measuring cup or spoon.

Microplane® sets its graters apart from others by the chemical process it employs to create razor sharp cutting edges, as opposed to conventional stamping. Discover the fine zest created with Microplane® rasp graters. What originally was a smoothing tool for woodworkers has become a renowned grater for hard cheeses, citrus rinds and the like. Microplane® also offers paddle graters to make even more efficient work of your grating. Curved surfaces provide better contact with foods, a removable receptacle catches gratings and measures them at the same time, and the set of four paddle graters includes fine, ribbon, extra-course and star for zesting and shredding everything from nutmeg to coconut.

Consider a grater set by OXO that grates as well as slices with its included four color-coded graters that fit securely in their container lid to collect and measure food as it is grated. An ingenious food holder keeps knuckles and fingertips away from the cutting surface for greater safety as well as efficiency. If you prefer a rotary grater, browse our selection of Mouli graters, cheese mills and restaurant-style graters, designed for yielding high quantities of grated foods in a short amount of time and with minimal effort.

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