Graters and Zesters

With graters, peelers, microplanes and zesters, the large selection at William-Sonoma helps you get the job done, aiding in providing the freshest possible ingredients from kitchen to table. Not all graters are created equal and each of our designs provides a principal function for cheeses, salts or spices.
A rotary grater, perfect for a fine dusting of Parmesan over pasta dishes or for sprinkling hard chocolate onto desserts and cappuccinos, allows for simple and safe tableside grating with easy-to-grip handles and turn crank.

For fine, extra-fine and course grating, as well as for all-purpose and julienne slicing, the 6-Sided Grater fits the bill. When grating anything from hard and soft cheeses to nutmeg and chocolate, the sturdy selection of grating planes lined with sharp, stainless-steel teeth, is sure to exceed your needs. If zesting is on the menu, our citrus zester makes easy work of it, providing clean and consistent zesting with its non-stick, v-shaped teeth. It zests all types of citrus, and collecting and measuring a cinch with the included attachable container.

The salt grater is a table-ready set that includes a beechwood stand, grater and Himalayan rock salt, providing a flavorful and nutrient-rich addition to any dish. Rock salt refills are also available.