Graters: Cheese Graters, Vegetable Graters, Vegetable Peelers

It’s time to declare victory over the drudgery of prep time with our exciting citrus peelers, cheese graters, greens strippers and corn zippers designed to make your life easier. There’s not a veggie or a hunk of ginger our kitchen essentials can’t tackle so make our time- and labor-saving tools work for you. If you’ve got a complex recipe going and you want to measure small amounts of herbs, zests or seasonings ahead of time to stay organized, use a small set of covered ingredient bowls to hold the pre-measured recipe components until you need them. This keeps ingredients from drying out or browning, too.

If you need more specialized tools for omelets or poached eggs, you’ll find a host of new egg tools at Williams-Sonoma as well as fun, quality silicone spatulas in seasonal designs. Order a new set of attractive olive wood spoons for candy making, soup stirring and stock tasting. Note that making creamy-smooth soups, fruit reductions and sauces often requires thorough stirring and straining to remove lumps from cooked foods. Remember to have plenty of colanders and strainers on hand in the right meshes or hole sizes to properly filter out the unwanted bits and seeds in puddings, jellies and syrups.