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Vegetable Peelers & Cheese Graters

Preparing delicious food for family and friends involves stocking an assortment of tools and gadgets in the kitchen. Graters and peelers enable you to grate or shred virtually any type of cheese for adding to dishes or sprinkling over the top. Vegetable peelers are one type of vegetable tool that allows you to prepare and add a colorful array of vegetables to main and side dishes. Handheld peelers will cut vegetables into inviting julienne or flat strips. A citrus stripper expertly cuts narrow strips of peel to add to foods and beverages. Make easy work of peeling and grating tasks with Williams-Sonoma tools.

A stocked arsenal of kitchen tools would not be complete without spatulas and turners. A spatula set contains a variety of different tools, perfect for folding, scraping and spreading both savory and sweet foods. Put aside any notions that spatulas and turners need be boring. Instead, choose distinctive designs in a variety of colors and themes. Celebrate the seasons with spatulas featuring special designs. Your spatula could even deliver a message about love or family. Special innovations include all-silicone designs, stainless-steel handles and shapes to fit a variety of uses. Turners are another useful kitchen tool, giving you just the implement needed for flipping burgers, fish, lasagna, cookies and more. Nonstick and silicone coatings ensure perfect results every time.

Whipping up creamy goodness in the kitchen demands a good whisk. Talk to any accomplished cook and you will learn about the importance of a high-quality whisk. Explore the many whisks and egg beaters in stock with designs to fit any preference. A French whisk delivers all of the professional design you would expect from this ergonomically engineered tool. Stainless-steel wires coated with silicone ensure safety with nonstick cookware, with the utmost in durability. A variety of whisks in different shapes and sizes give cooks all the options they need. A specialty egg whisk has the perfect specifications that introduce just the right amount of air into the eggs for flawless results every time.

Cooking precision demands exploration of thermometers and timers. Whether you are baking desserts or cooking meats, high-quality thermometers and timers help ensure the best culinary results. Thermometers have taken a giant step forward with new advances in technology. A sleek Bluetooth thermometer effortlessly tracks the temperatures of numerous dishes at the same time, delivering updates wirelessly to a mobile device. An infrared thermometer enables you to simply point the gadget at the target, and a laser will produce a temperature reading. Never risk overcooking a dish again with kitchen timers. A triple timer is the perfect tool for the cook with many irons in the fire. You can monitor up to three dishes at the same time.

Add a variety of tongs and forks to a gadget collection. Designed for virtually every purpose, tongs give you full control during cooking and serving. Stainless-steel tongs deliver strength and precision, while showing off a clean design. Silicone tips add both color and nonstick capability to tongs. Forks are another versatile cooking cool, ideal for use when grilling and serving. Forks feature both walnut handles and full stainless-steel designs.

Keep everything neatly organized with stylish utensil holders to match virtually any kitchen theme. Not only are utensil holders utilitarian, they keep tools at your fingertips. Copper utensil holders are popular with many chefs. Both hammered and smooth finishes are available. Marble is another popular material for utensil holders, while stainless-steel and French porcelain are additional options. Innovative accessories are also available to use in conjunction with utensil holders. A knife holder insert can fit inside a standard utensil holder, turning it into the perfect storage device for knives. Possessing a gadget for every cooking task gives you the tools you need to produce distinctive culinary creations.

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