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Whether you are creating a romantic dinner for two or just trying to make something quick and simple, pasta can always find a spot at the table when it comes to just about every meal. Making pasta dishes, from a simple spaghetti to even the nicest roasted garlic penne with a wine sauce, comes with a pretty standard set of instructions when it’s time to make those noodles, but with a set of pasta tools, the preparation can get even easier. Every kind of pasta tool, from pasta machines to pasta cutters, bowls, drainers and forks can give your next pasta dish a little more ease and much more flair. Pasta tools such as the Pasta Presto give you the most authentic Italian pasta right at home by giving even the most inexperienced chef the ability to roll pasta dough and cut it into noodles via a simple electric machine. Pasta forks make it easy to separate and pick up noodles after cooking to serve them without the worry of tearing the noodles thanks to the options for perforated designs.

Williams-Sonoma offers pasta tools of only the highest quality, with options for both electric and hand-operated in every tool from pasta makers to servers. Different materials and designs, colors and sizes mean that you can find the right tools to match your kitchen. Whether you are making a hurried meal for one, or hosting an Italian-night party, there are always tools in different makes and materials that can make the job more of an experience than a hassle in the kitchen.

Pasta tools are available in different styles to best suit your kitchen, with functions to fit dishes from lasagna to linguini. Wooden tools give your kitchen set a more authentic, classic look while also allowing you to prepare dishes such as gnocchi with tools like rollers that help you get that pillow-shaped dumpling just right with the just the press of the dough against the surface. Metal tools give more of a modern accent while offering easy cleaning, removing the mess while remaining usable. With only the highest quality in brands, such as All-Clad, you can rest assured that simple yet delicious pasta is always a crank or a cut away.

In order to maintain optimum performance, your pasta tools should be cleaned and stored properly to ensure life and resilience. Wooden tools should always be dried after washing to avoid warping the wood, while stainless-steel should be dried to avoid marring the surface with hard water stains. Most non-electric pasta tools are dishwasher safe, adding to the convenience. However, tools such as ravioli stamps should be hand-washed to maintain their wooden handles.