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Pasta Cooking Tools

Pizza Cooking Tools

Pizza and Pasta Tools

At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a wide range of pizza and pasta tools to satisfy all Italian food aficionados. Freshly made pizza and pasta are simply unrivaled in flavor, but they require specific tools. For homemade pasta, take a look at our offering of pasta machines. The machines can make a variety of pasta types, ranging from angel hair to lasagna. The process is made simple with a built-in scale, which prompts you to add specific amounts of flour, water and eggs to make great dough. This provides a foolproof and superior result that only takes a few minutes. For chefs that prefer a hand-crank version, take a look at our traditional pasta machines. These are not automated, but require you to turn the handle to achieve your pasta of choice. These come with several attachments, which can make everything from ravioli to crimped pastas. Making pasta at home has many perks, including being able to enjoy pasta with limited ingredients and no preservatives. The pasta can also be kept and packaged for use later. Simply use a pasta dryer to get rid of the moisture, and then package it in containers for use later on.

The ever-popular pasta dish, ravioli, requires its own set of tools. If you are pressed for time or would like a simple solution, grab a ravioli mold. The mold transforms ravioli making, which is typically a time-consuming process, into a very simple job. Just lay down pasta dough onto the mold, add fillings and place a second layer of dough on top. Use the included rolling pin to press the ravioli into the mold. This can make a dozen pieces at once, saving time. Plus, there is little pasta that is wasted because each ravioli is precisely made. If traditional methods are more appealing, grab a ravioli stamp and make individual bites by hand. Choose from a round or square shape according to your personal preferences. Ravioli is easily customized as well with a range of ingredients. Create a flavorful vegetarian option by stuffing it with cheese and mushrooms, or create a meat-laden ravioli with ground beef and basil for a savory dish. Another type of pasta that requires a specific tool is gnocchi. Use our gnocchi roller to produce perfectly scored pieces. The tool makes it easy to whip up a whole bowl of gnocchi without straining your hands or fingers.

If pizza is on the menu, grab some of our pizza tools to make the cooking and serving much simpler. We have a range of pizza cutters to meet anyone’s needs. Use a traditional circular pizza wheel for precise cuts of the pie. For a commercial-grade tool, take a look at our epicurean pizza cutters. These are great for slicing hard-to-cut pizzas, such as deep-dish and thin pies. Another option is a pair of pizza scissors. Although it may seem counterintuitive to use scissors on pizza, these work well for easily cutting pies without the worry of the pie slipping on the tray.

For cooking pizzas, remember to grab a quality pizza stone. These range in material and in size, but essentially offer a cooking surface that can be easily used in a regular stove. Because the stones can reach extremely high temperatures, they can be used over an open flame on a barbecue or on a grill. The nonstick surfaces yield delicious, crispy crusts. We also have pizza stones for tabletop convection ovens, as well as specific stones for extra crispy crusts. Choose a stone depending on your needs, and enjoy fresh pizza directly from the oven.

To simplify the pizza-making process, take a look at our pizza makers. The small, tabletop machines offer a convenient option with great results. These can also reach temperatures as high as 660 degrees Fahrenheit, which cannot be done in a traditional oven. The high heat cooks the pizza evenly and to an ideal, crispy crunch. Choose from a range of crusts, and enjoy a perfectly cooked pizza without any of the hassle.

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