Oil Dispensers & Oil Misters

No longer confined to Mediterranean homes, the exquisite flavors of high-quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar are appreciated in kitchens and dining rooms around the world. Whether used for dipping freshly baked bread or for making healthful dishes, the popularity of using olive oil in cooking has increased exponentially. Pottery Barn makes it easy for you too to utilize delicious oils of various types in your own home. That way you can create everything from a tasty homemade vinaigrette to sautéed chicken breasts and vegetables that won’t make you feel guilty. We offer oil dispensers that help you in the middle of cooking, as well as pieces that allow guests and family to sprinkle touches of basil-infused olive oil on some hearty spaghetti, for example. Our oil stoppers and pourers are great for health conscious chefs who want to use the right amount of oil without overdoing it, but also need to work fast. All you have to do is invert the bottle to get a narrow flow of oil that makes coating pans easy.

To keep the oil used in cooking to a bare minimum, there is no need to purchase heavy-processed commercial aerosols. Thanks to our oil misters, you can still use great organic oils and obtain a fine spray to coat cookware or to add a touch of flavor to salads. Using high-quality pans also reduces the amount of oil needed. And for tabletop serving, the Revol Ponsas French Porcelain Oil Container is made of elegant hand-glazed porcelain that looks beautiful and keeps olive oil fresh. Offering fresh bread in one of our baskets is sure to impress guests. Of course, you’ll want a good bread knife to make your work easier.