Mortars and Pestles

Mortars and pestles are a good way to infuse your meals with deep and intense flavors. They also allow you to use fresh, organic ingredients to season dishes. Williams-Sonoma provides a variety of quality mortars and pestles designed for strength and durability. Our Marble Mortar and Pestle is carved in Italy and features elegant Carrara marble. But its appearance is not the only spectacular thing about it. The hardness of marble is ideal for crushing herbs, nuts, garlic and more to create delicious sauces and seasonings, whether for an authentic Italian pesto or a delicate vinaigrette. The bowl is 7" in diameter and has high sides to make sure you have enough space to work comfortably. Our specialized tools can make working with fresh herbs and garlic very easy.

The Thai Wood Mortar and Pestle was inspired by Thailand, where cooks combine a lot of ingredients, from peanuts and chilies to cilantro and mangoes, into exotic curry pastes or flavorful salads. Its high 9 3/4" sides provide ample room for making the amount of pastes or sauces that you need for your recipe. A large saute pan or wok is an excellent choice when cooking hearty Thai or Italian cuisine. For cooking thick sauces or creating tasty reductions, a copper saucepan is ideal for heat control. The magnificent contours and distinctive materials of our mortars also make them great vessels to serve finished sauces, guacamoles or vinaigrettes at the dining room table.