Measuring Cups & Spoons

Accuracy is the cook’s best friend and our wet and dry measuring cup sets have the precision measurements and lasting value you need in kitchen utensils. Williams-Sonoma offers stainless-steel, glass, stoneware and plastic measuring sets in standard and unusual sizes, and offers smaller measuring spoon sets in stainless-steel and teak varieties. While measuring ingredients correctly is one way to ensure recipe success, cutting ingredients to the proper thickness also affects cooking time and tenderness. Use our professional-quality slicers and mandolines to follow pie, gratin and ratatouille recipes to the quarter inch and your dishes will always come out perfectly done.

When baking, you’ll mix up success by weighing ingredients rather than measuring them. Our quality scales, including the Caso Baking Scale, will also help you follow recipes from countries where metric measurements are the norm. Order high-grade timers, thermometers and scales so that every measurement in your kitchen is true. Another detail that will make or break a dish is the amount of straining done to create a smooth texture in a dessert or coulis. You really need a proper fine chinois and stand to strain crème brûlée and fruit reductions. Have a variety of strainer sizes on hand for everyday rinsing and coarse sifting of ingredients.