Innovative slicers are an excellent way to add some variety into your culinary routine. If you‘re growing bored of simple chopped vegetables, why not branch out and spiralize some squash or carrot instead? From egg slicers to bagel cutters and truffle shavers, Williams-Sonoma‘s selection of slicers will keep things interesting in your kitchen. Our kitchen slicers introduce variety and can also provide a safe, easy way of creating thin, even slices. Potato gratins, citrus garnishes, sandwich-sliced tomatoes and more are just a simple swipe away with these handy cutting tools. It doesn‘t matter if your knife skills are still in culinary elementary school; with these kitchen slicers, you can leave your cutlery packed away and slice your way through mounds of produce with precision.

You can also use the products in this category to create sliced salami or sausage for charcuterie and cheese boards. If cured meats are a regular part of your entertaining strategy, incorporating one of these slicers into your repertoire may make party prep a bit easier, giving you time to worry about perfecting your signature cocktail or getting your flower arrangement displays just right. Most of the options in this section are best suited for use with vegetables, though, which can be fantastic for all home cooks, but especially those who are trying to win the favor of picky children.

These spiralizers make it easy to add summer squash noodles to a pasta dish. If you have to get creative or sneaky to make your kids eat their veggies, this may be a winning strategy. But even if you have kids who love vegetables or there are adults only in your household, adding some thin, spiralized cuts of firm vegetables such as zucchini, carrot or beet can transform the texture and experience of eating a bowl of pasta. For low-carb or gluten-free dieters, presenting a bowl of vegetable pasta can be a great way to show you care.

With their versatile and helpful functionality, these kitchen slicers make a great addition to any home kitchen. Give a spiralizer as a gift to the cook who seems to have it all or to a pair of newlyweds who are accomplished cooks and don‘t really need any kitchen basics. With their efficient operation and fun results, these spiralizers and other slicers are an easy choice. While you‘re picking one up for someone else, why not get one for yourself, too?