Slicers, Mandolines & Kitchen Choppers

In the past, most people believed that slicers were just practical or functional tools designed to make food prep a little easier. Innovative chefs and creative aficionados have proven that to be far from the truth. Williams-Sonoma’s masterful slicers and mandolins help you create exquisite dishes that are not only pleasing to the palate but also culinary expressions that delight the eyes and make friends and family anticipate a meal with excitement. Our Michael Bras Mandoline features five distinct razor-sharp blades for effortless slicing, crinkling and making varied-size julienne cuts. This allows you to create culinary treats with elegant lines and contours. Use horizontal slices to highlight a vegetable’s exquisite circular appearance with an intriguing star pattern within. Because safety is equally important, this impressive mandoline also features a food caddy to protect your hands.

For putting eye-catching spirals in fresh salads or garnishing refined dishes, a spiralizer is an extremely popular choice. Tastefully used mandolines and slicers create sophisticated and appetizing plates that are sure to impress on any occasion. For even more visual allure, serve guests using classic dinnerware that matches your home’s personality. Placing an elegant table runner and serving platter in the center of the table ensures that everyone can appreciate the meal’s beauty and aroma, and praise you for your matchless cooking.