Garlic & Herb Tools

Chop, press and slice your way to fresh flavor with Williams-Sonoma garlic and herb tools. Extract the maximum amount of flavor out of garlic cloves quickly with an ergonomic garlic press. You will save time since it’s not necessary to peel the garlic first, and you can avoid touching the pungent juices. For recipes containing a large amount of garlic, a garlic slicer with a stainless steel blade perfectly slices several cloves of garlic at once with the twist of a knob. A folding mezzaluna rocks back and forth to chop herbs, garlic, nuts and ginger for all of your recipes quickly and safely. Effortlessly strip herb leaves from their stems with an herb stripper, then collect and measure the leaves for your recipes in the attached bowl. Increase your efficiency in the kitchen with Williams-Sonoma’s large selection of garlic and herb tools.

Prepare all of your fresh ingredients on sturdy, attractive cutting boards available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials to fit perfectly in your kitchen. Beautiful color-coordinated salt and pepper mills help you add the finishing touches to your culinary creations with freshly ground salt and pepper. Vegetable tools like spirializers, chopping tools, scissors, peelers and specialty knives make prep work a breeze.