Serving Boards

From salads to cheese there are plenty of foods that can be elevated and made to look even more enticing with the assistance of a well-selected serving board. Williams-Sonoma offers an elegant selection of serving boards in materials such as beautiful, natural wood and sleek, smooth slate. Select the material that works best with the kind of food you want to serve. Slate is a great choice for cheeses, meats and other foods that benefit from chilling because it can retain cold for longer than wood. On the other hand, wood is a great choice for presenting bread, salad, fruit, vegetables and more. Whether you choose a slate slab to serve as a cheese board or a wood plank for bread boards, you‘ll find many different uses for these serving pieces.

No matter which material you choose, it‘s a great idea to invest in some suitable accessories to accompany your new serving board. If you love setting out cheese boards when you entertain, consider adding a set of cheese knives to your purchase. Similarly, a small serrated bread knife is a suitable accompaniment to a serving board you intend to use for bread. Allowing guests to serve themselves at cocktail receptions or seated dinners takes some of the prepwork burden off of you, and it also enables guests to select their own portions, which can be useful for those who simply want a taste of everything you‘re offering.

Among the variety of serving boards we offer are some options with multiple container inserts, allowing you to include items such as olives, pickles, dried fruit and jam to accompany your cheese boards or charcuterie plates. To adapt these boards to serve bread, place toppings such as salted butter, olive oil for dipping and even hummus in these inserts. Whatever matches best with the food on the board, whether it‘s a condiment or a topping, can be included to help enhance the spread. Focus on using easy-to-eat finger foods such as nuts, berries, apple slices, roasted garlic and the like. This will make your guests feel more comfortable digging in without worrying about appearing messy.

Suitable for displaying and serving a wide variety of hors d‘oeuvres, these serving boards are a must-have item for anyone who hosts frequent gatherings at home. From intimate groups of close friends to large parties with all manner of acquaintance in attendance, a good serving board can be a key component to feeling confident about the way you present your most hospitable self.