Serving Boards

Cheese Boards, Bread Boards & Wooden Bread Boards

Admit it. When you walk into a party and see a lovingly arranged cheese board, you’re eager to get your greetings and social duties out of the way quickly so you can indulge in something delicious. The art of preparing a serving board is all about enticement, and Williams-Sonoma’s serving board options can help you whet your guests’ appetites for more. Ideal as a gift for a wedding or holiday, a beautiful serving board can be an excellent addition to any home kitchen that regularly prepares snacks and meals for special events.

Whether you’re presenting a fresh-baked loaf of bread on a beautiful wooden cutting board or bringing a piping hot pizza to the dinner table, presentation is everything when it comes to serving food. Having the right tools to serve special spreads can help turn any home cook from a entertaining novice to a party pro. You can use our serving boards to present specially labeled cheese and charcuterie selections or simply decorate your kitchen with something beautiful. Paired with special serving tools and elegant dinnerware, you’ll have what you need to entertain with ease and keep your guests gasping with awe and anticipation. Don’t do your food the injustice of tossing it on any old plate and serving it up without ceremony. Add a serving board or two to your repertoire and give your food the respect it deserves.