Zoku Popsicle and Ice Cream Maker

Nearly everyone enjoys ice-cream and frozen treats. To help moms and dads create something that their kids absolutely love, Williams-Sonoma presents the Zoku Collection of popsicle and ice cream tools. The best part is that making your own frozen treats means that you can use fresh yogurt, fruit juices or homemade fruit purees that are both delicious and healthy for the whole family. Our Zoku Character Pop Molds feature playful characters that bring a smile to kids’ faces. The silicone molds allow popsicles to slide out easily. To create your own frozen treats, just pour your favorite juice into the mold, insert the stick and freeze overnight.

For adults, our Zoku Ice Sphere Molds, Set Of Two create distinctive balls of ice ideal for serving with alcohol or cocktails. The ice’s spherical design makes it melt slower and keeps it from diluting drinks. And it also adds a sophisticated touch that is sure to impress guests. Each sphere is 2.5" in diameter. To enjoy iced coffee on the way to work or while relaxing on a hot afternoon, the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker features a stainless-steel mug that can make great iced coffee in minutes. All you need to do is pour freshly brewed coffee into the pre-chilled container, slip on its insulating sleeve and go. This practical travel mug is available in a variety of cheerful colors to get your day off to a good start. For warmer desserts and snacks that your family can enjoy on cold days, check out our ample selection of cookie sheets, pie pans, and cupcake and muffin molds.