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<h3>Silicone Kitchen Tools</h3><p>You’ve probably heard a lot of popular cooking shows and chefs talk about silicone cookware and kitchen utensils. What’s the fuss all about? Are silicone cooks’ tools better than metal, non-stick, or wood? Well, yes and no. At Williams-Sonoma, all of our cookware and cooking utensils are made from high-quality materials to last a long time. That includes our <u><a href="">stainless-steel</a></u>, wood, and silicone products. Each one excels in specific situations. Here are six awesome advantages you can expect from Williams-Sonoma silicone tools.</p><br><p>Silicone is naturally nonstick. That’s why cleaning up silicone utensils is so easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re making oatmeal, eggs or caramel; when you’re done, all you need to do is rinse away the ingredients. Silicone tools are safe for the dishwasher too, so just toss them in after cooking and forget about it.</p><br><p>It doesn’t damage pans at all. No scratches, ever. No wearing down non-stick coatings. Silicone is a great choice for sensitive surfaces like porcelain and glass too, as well as stainless-steel mixing bowls. Your cookware and prep bowls stay just as pristine as day one. But can it handle tough tasks like browning proteins or flipping omelets? With the right design, yes. Look for something with a tapered head that slides underneath easily. Some of our spatulas feature a nylon core covered in silicone. The nylon makes it rigid enough for potentially sticky foods, while the outer layer of silicon protects your pan and provides flexibility. A <u><a href="">ceramic nonstick</a></u> frying pan is really helpful for working with eggs and other tricky ingredients.</p><br><p>Silicone stays beautiful. Unlike some wood utensils, silicone doesn’t absorb any odors from the foods you cook. It also won’t stain. So feel free to make spaghetti or chili to your heart’s content. After washing off your tools, you can use them right away for <u><a href="">dessert</a></u> without adding any flavors from the previous dish.</p><br><p>Silicone keeps your family healthy. Some materials like plastic or wood can develop small cracks, nicks or pores over time. Silicone, on the other hand, is not porous, so you don’t have to worry about food getting trapped or bacteria.</p><br><p>It can take the heat. Silicone is extremely heat resistant. Some pieces handle up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit without moving a muscle. What does that mean? If you forget and leave a silicone spatula in your frying pan for a few seconds by accident, chances are nothing at all will happen to it. That makes silicone an excellent choice for working with <u><a href="">woks</a></u> and sauté; pans too.</p><br><p>Silicone is fun. When it comes to aesthetics, it’s hard to beat the cheery colors of silicone utensils. Bright reds and blues help you feel free to create and innovate. They’re also inviting for occasions when you have a couple of little sous chefs working next to you. Our <u><a href="">Junior Chef</a></u> tools are the perfect size for small hands.</p>

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