Smart Products

In the 21st century, it‘s easy to find all sorts of high-tech gadgets to make your life easier, and that‘s as true in the kitchen as it is when you‘re in your car or watching a movie. Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of state-of-the-art kitchen tools that make use of smart technologies to keep you on track while cooking or baking. From screen protectors and stands that enable you to use a tablet for recipes in the kitchen to Bluetooth-connected, app-controlled machines, this product category is perfect for the cook who seems to have everything. Technology lovers rejoice; there‘s never been a better time to make use of modern tech in the kitchen.

So what makes these tools so smart? It depends on the specific item, but our collection of smart espresso makers is a great example of the innovative ways technology can change the way you do anything in the kitchen, even making your morning cup of coffee. With features such as Bluetooth connectivity and specialized apps that allow you to control the machine‘s output, you can start brewing a cup of coffee from your home office without having to leave your desk. These smart kitchen accessories add another element of convenience by allowing you to create and save your ideal drink, meaning you don‘t have to mess with settings to get what you want each time you use the machine.

Our smart kitchen accessories can also be helpful if you‘re the type of cook who tends to work more from online recipes than cookbooks. It can be nerve wracking to bring expensive electronics into the kitchen, where they are exposed to liquid and other potentially damaging ingredients. Plus, if you just lay your tablet on the countertop in order to read a recipe, you may need to handle it while your hands are dirty in order to see properly. We offer a range of different tablet stands and screen covers that can help protect your equipment in the kitchen, making it infinitely more sensible to go digital in the kitchen.

Whether you‘re a tech wiz or a relative luddite, smart kitchen accessories make good sense. This product category empowers you to make the most of available technologies while pursuing the age-old practice of cooking and baking for sustenance and entertainment. From high-tech espresso machines that can remember your regular coffee order better than any barista to tablet stands that make it easier and more practical to use online recipes, these smart kitchen accessories will elevate your culinary experience.