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Smart Cooking Tools

Kitchen technology has never been this advanced, thanks to new revolutions in Williams-Sonoma smart products. These gadgets are designed to streamline the culinary process and make it easier for cooks to create delectable works of art that please both the palette and the eye. With these high-tech tools, cooks get the help they need with measuring ingredients, monitoring cooking and baking times and incorporating the use of mobile devices into the cooking process. You can even use your phone to monitor the baking time of a cake in the oven.

Keep splatters to a minimum and reduce clean-up time and effort with effective splatter screens that fit onto the top of pans and pots. Simply position a screen on the rim of the pan, and the mesh contains messy splatters that can mar a cooktop. Splatter screens may be made out of stainless-steel or silicone.

Salt and pepper mills offer stylish seasoning options that complement existing kitchen decor. Go traditional with mills made of walnut, maple or olivewood. Add a splash of color to kitchen design with navy, red, gray or white salt and pepper mills. Distinctive designs lend personality to your kitchen, with both modern and classic mills available. An old-fashioned Roellinger pepper mill features a hand crank on top with a drawer on the bottom. This pepper mill is fully adjustable to control the size of the grind. For the cook who prefers electrical convenience, a variety of electric salt and pepper mills are also available.

The world of tea and beverage tools offers exciting culinary options. A soda siphon enables you to make fizzy beverages whenever the desire strikes. Wine spritzers and carbonated ice cream soda are just two of the many possibilities with this useful gadget. Make enticing cappuccinos with a battery-operated frother, which you simply insert into milk to whip it into a creamy consistency. An iced tea brewer is a fully contained device that actually steeps the tea in the refrigerator, then allowing you to serve it in the same decanter. The wide array of tea and beverage tools offers something for everyone.

When sweet desserts are on menu, a collection of ice cream tools and pops will help you prepare memorable treats. Almost no one could turn down a homemade ice cream sandwich. When you have an ice cream sandwich maker, itʼs a simple process to bake the wafers, fill them with ice cream and freeze them. A whipping canister easily fills with whipped cream or buttercream frosting, allowing you to frost pastries or cakes with various decorative nozzles. Thrill the kids with pop molds in a variety of shapes, ideal for making popsicles and ice cream pops. Once you see the many different ice cream tools and pops available, you might just need them all.

Preserving natureʼs bounty gives you tastes of the summer throughout the year. These preserved foods are both healthy and packed with powerful flavors. Mason jars are the traditional favorite for canning, but new shapes and sizes have hit the scene as well. Tulip jars add a European flair to your kitchen. Their wide mouths are easy to fill, and sealing these jars is a breeze thanks to the rubber-ringed lids. Tall juice jars feature wide mouths, slim shapes and lids with stainless-steel clamps for a sure seal. Give your food preservation efforts a stylish new look with various canning and preserving items available. Cooking has never been so fun with the infusion of technology into kitchen gadgets. Satisfy your love of technology while you dabble in the kitchen. The result promises to be nothing short of genius.

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