Smart Tools - Thermometers and Kitchen Scales

Blend the power of modern technology with the traditional art of cooking while preparing delicious meals in your own kitchen. Our smart tools collections offer plenty of different gadgets and devices to help you take precise measurements and get consistent results in the kitchen. Use a smart thermometer to measure precise cooking temperatures and ensure that your roasts, smoked meats or grilled dishes are always cooked thoroughly and evenly. Choose from a variety of tablet and iPad accessories that let you safely use your device in the kitchen. Accessories such as screen protectors keep your tablet safe from splatters, while stands let you keep your hands free for chopping and mixing as you access your favorite recipes. Use smart coffee scales and coffee makers to prepare cafe style drinks in your own home.
Williams-Sonoma also offers a large inventory of electronic devices for quick and convenient cooking. Use a food processor to quickly chop, mix and blend ingredients and significantly reduce your preparation time. If you are frequently pressed for time during the week, add ingredients to a slow cooker in the morning and enjoy hot meals when you come home from work. Use a pressure cooker to make meals quickly and increase your energy savings.