Rosle Kitchen Tools

Having a stash of kitchen tools at your disposal makes whipping up gourmet meals for dinner a snap. From things that make it easier to chop, slice and mash ingredients, to knives and thermometers, Williams-Sonoma has a full selection of tools from Rosle designed to make your life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.

Make salads and side dishes quicker with any of the Rosle vegetable peelers. Our Rosle Crosswise Swivel Peeler works especially well for long vegetables like carrots and zucchini. The swivel-action blade cuts in two directions quickly, reducing prep time. The Rosle Julienne Peeler makes garnishing easy, slicing vegetables into even, thin pieces in minutes, while the Rosle Serrated Peeler can cut through the tougher skin on eggplants and still peel delicate tomatoes.

Top-quality cooking utensils make any kitchen feel like a four-star restaurant. Rosle offers a number of whisks, spatulas and spoons that stand the test of time, and perform beautifully every day. The egg whisk is dishwasher-safe and features a loop for hanging for easy storage. Use the twirl whisk to mix batters in small containers. An extra-long handle on the basting spoon makes it the perfect choice for keeping foods moist in the oven without getting burned.

Rosle also offers a number of specialty tools like a garlic press that can process whole, unpeeled cloves and a vegetable chopper with a spring-loaded lid that has six blades that chop vegetables, fruits and herbs. Stock your kitchen with tools that make you feel like a top chef.