OXO: OXO Storage Containers and OXO Kitchen Tools

OXO cooking tools are the perfect kitchen companions, allowing you to quickly and easily prep fruits, vegetables, meats, breads and cheeses with professional results. You can also find OXO kitchen organizers and essentials such as measuring cups and spoons, scales, thermometers and small appliances at Williams-Sonoma. Dice onions, nuts and herbs quickly at the push of a button with an OXO vegetable chopper. Remove pits from olives or cherries effortlessly while keeping the fruit intact with a cherry and olive pitter. Cook meats, fish and poultry to the perfect temperature with a digital leave-in thermometer that takes all the guesswork out of the equation. A corner colander made from BPA-free polypropylene hangs over a corner of the sink, helping to save valuable kitchen space. It allows foods to drip-dry directly over the sink without slipping thanks to its wide lip design. A double-insulated stainless-steel ice bucket keeps your ice cold for hours, and it redirects melted ice so that whole ice cubes remain at the top of the container for easier access.

Our copper tools add warmth and luster to your next gathering with a collection of tumblers, a bar tool set, ice buckets, corkscrews and kitchen accessories. Protect your countertop with sturdy and attractive cutting boards made from hardwood, bamboo or BPA-free plastic in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bring your tech into the kitchen with smart tools, from iPad stands to a coffee scale that monitors data, including the weight, time and flow rate, and transfers it to your mobile device so you can create a perfect cup of coffee every time.