New Cooks' Tools

Kitchen Essentials: Chef's Tools and Cooking Accessories

You never know what interesting and useful tool you’ll find next at Williams-Sonoma. Like the Paderno Drum Grater that handles a large capacity of cheese, nuts, chocolate or veggies and has an angled hopper to reduce clogging while it grinds. This hand-crank-powered wonder is a great space saver in the kitchen and is handy when cooking off the grid too. For high-tech kitchen innovation order smart tools like our smart digital thermometer, Acaia Coffee Scale and the Smart Kitchen Set for your iPad. Let your smart devices help you be more efficient and successful in your latest cooking endeavors.

Every budding pastry chef needs a full complement of baking tools including rolling pin, pastry scraper, decorating tools, flour sifter and cookie cutters. Quality pie and cake pans as well as cookie sheets are an investment in future pastry goodness as are bread pans, doughnut cutters and tart pans. Every baker knows that the best dough starts with an adequate mixing bowl like our Melamine nesting bowls with a pourable lip on one side and a convenient hand hold for mixing and pouring on the opposite side. Our professional-quality copper bowls are also a must-have to whip up the fluffiest egg whites.