Chef’n Kitchen Utensils

Slice, peel and press your own custom culinary delights. The Chef’n brand offers a wide variety of kitchen gadgets and accessories to make cooking homemade dishes faster and easier. Add fresh citrus juice to your meals or drinks with a variety of easy-to-use citrus presses customized for specific fruits. Find specialty tools for chopping and slicing foods such as garlic, vegetables and even strawberries. Peel everything from oranges to onions with a variety of peeling tools. Use one of many other supplies to make your own flavored salad dressings, butters or herb mixes. Our collections include an excellent selection of tools from the Chef’n brand, offering plenty of different items to choose from.

Complete your kitchen collection with a number of other preparation tools and accessories. Williams-Sonoma offers a choice of many different brands including OXO, All-Clad and our own Williams-Sonoma brand. If you like to make your own custom juices and drinks, choose from items such as juicers, blenders, presses and zesters. Fruit tools such as cherry pitters and apple slicers are handy to have on hand if you enjoy making homemade pastries and pies. Vegetable tools have a number of different uses, including making spirals for healthy pasta dishes and chopping vegetables at lightning speed.