There’s no better way to enjoy the culinary joys of summer during the coldest months of the year than by canning and preserving berries, peaches, cherries and other summer fruits. Whether you prefer jam or halved fruits canned in syrup, making your own is a great way to connect with your food, ensure quality control and make the most of the produce that’s available in your local area. In doing so, you’ll be setting yourself up for months of enjoyment and supporting your local agricultural economy. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of helpful canning tools, including the canning accessories available in this part of our website.

This accessories section provides everything you need to finish off the preserved fruits, vegetables and pie fillings you place in jam jars. From lids to tags, we can help you make all your canning dreams come true. Create pickles from the vegetables in your garden and package them up to give as gifts to friends. Visit a local farm and pick up some fresh summer strawberries to make into jam. The possibilities are nearly endless. And don’t forget that canning isn’t just for summer produce. You can all year round. Preserve fresh applesauce in the fall, pureed squash in winter and artichoke hearts in the spring. With our canning lids and labels, you can keep a year-round supply of all your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables.

In addition to traditional canning jars, we offer some interesting options to let you expand your horizons. If you’re in on the fresh juice trend, you can find juice bottle tops in this section, allowing you to make large batches of juice and preserve them safely for later consumption. With available canning tools such as canning racks and tongs, you can create a sterile environment for preserving even highly perishable fruit juices. This will not only extend your juice’s shelf life but also help keep you healthy.

We have assembled an excellent selection of high-end canning jars and lids for you to use in preserving fruits and vegetables from local farms or your very own garden. Whether you’re making pickles, jelly, sauces, pie fillings or simple preserved and canned produce, this part of our site is designed to help you make your preserving and canning plans a reality. If you’re new to the world of canning, check out the other products we offer in the canning and preserving product category. You will find options from world-renowned brands such as Weck and Kilner, offering you a step up from the workaday bottles and jars you can find in your local supermarket.