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Homemade preserves, juices and sauces are true treats that complement breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our canning supplies collections feature many helpful tools to help you start your canning adventures. Choose from items, such as jars, pans, tongs and labels in different sizes and styles. Williams-Sonoma also carries other helpful cookʼs tools and accessories such as saucepans and dishtowels.

Although synthetic food storage containers are excellent options for short-term storage, glass is a more appropriate material for storing in the long term. Glass is easy to sterilize and the metal lids can seal tightly onto the mouths of the jars. You cannot simply reuse jars from commercial preserves as these can crack when they are exposed to high heat and the lids may not seal properly. Instead, choose jars and lids designed for home canning. There are a variety of different jars available, including items for jams, sauces and juices. Once you have a collection of jars that are appropriate for home canning, you can reuse these with new snaps and seals for new batches.

Canning also requires several other specialty tools. Sterilization is very important while preparing canned foods, and the process involves high temperatures. You can sterilize jars in the oven, but a pot of boiling water is best for lids and smaller jars. Although oven mitts can help you remove hot jars from the oven, canning tongs make the job much easier. Tongs are also handy from removing jars from water bath canners. A lid lifter is another handy supply, as tongs can be too big and awkward to remove smaller lids, seals and snaps from a pot of boiling water. Filling jars can be tricky as spills around the seal can compromise the sterilizing and sealing processes. A canning funnel is a simple and helpful tool for filling jars without dripping sauce or preserves around the mouths.

Water bath canning is a popular method for preparing acidic foods such as fruit preserves. This method involves immersing filled jars in a pot of boiling water to help them seal. A water bath canner consists of a large pot and a metal rack. The rack lifts the jars away from the direct heat of the element, which can cause the glass to crack. You can also use regular cookware for water bath canning, but you should pick up an insert rack to hold your jars. Non-acidic foods, such as carrots or beans, preserved in water require a method called pressure canning. This process requires a specialty tool called a pressure canner.

Although you can cook your jams and sauces in a standard saucepan, a specialty pan can make the job much easier. Jam pans include additional features such as measurement markings, pouring lips and handles. These make it easier to mix your ingredients and pour them into your sterilized jars.

Once you have poured and sealed your jars, let them sit on a clean kitchen towel to finish off the sealing process. Resist the urge to tighten the lids. The lids should tighten and seal naturally as the glass and lids cool off. Lids that are too tight may cause the glass to break as the jars cool. Once your jars or bottles are cool, you can add your own custom labels and tags. Our collections feature a variety of options to help you customize your preserves.

Although you can reuse jars and bottles designed specifically with canning in mind, you should wash them carefully before storing them. Wash glass jars thoroughly in the dishwasher or clean them with dish soap and hot water. Before refilling them, give them a second wash to remove any dust and debris they may have accumulated in storage. Do not reuse seals or snaps. Purchase new ones and sterilize them before sealing your jars.

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