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Canning and preserving is a good way to store excess vegetables from your summer garden for the winter months. However, in order to make sure those vegetables last, you must have the right tools. Williams-Sonoma has a variety of canning and preserving products to help streamline the process and ensure the job is done correctly.

Stock up on canning jars in all sizes to have a wide selection to choose from at canning time. Tulip jars have a wide mouth, making them easy to fill with larger vegetables. They also work well for homemade vinegars and preserves. Mini mold jars are best for the boiling water-bath canning method and also to store jams and chutney. Tall cylindrical jars store vegetables like asparagus, cucumbers, and carrots and also work for dry goods. All of our jars feature a rubber ring around the lid and stainless steel clamps to create an airtight seal.

Proper canning also requires some very specific tools. The Multi-Use Waterbath Canner features a temperature indicator on the lid to let you know when time is up, and it accommodates water and steam canning. A canning rack turns any pot into a canner and keeps jars from touching the bottom or sides of the pot. Convenient handles make it easy to insert and lift the rack out of the pot.

Other helpful canning accessories add convenience to your canning project. Keep some extra rubber seals and clamps on hand as replacement parts for older jars. Juice jar lids make it easy to cap jars and place them directly in the fridge, while gift tags and labels help keep track of what's in each jar.