Tea & Beverage Tools

From hot tea to chilly beer, beverages add something special to any occasion, even if it’s just a little down time after a long day. Williams-Sonoma’s tea and beverage tools give you the means to create whatever potable pleasures you fancy. Whether it’s iced coffee or mulled wine, you’ll have all the necessary equipment to make your favorite drink. Choose the infusers, spoons, siphons and frothers you need to improve your approach to liquid refreshment or get a unique gift for a coffee, beer or tea lover in your life. We have quick tools to improve efficiency and old-fashioned classics that never go out of style. Find what you need to start sipping in style.

When you get serious about your favorite drink, you need more than just a classic mug or teacup to get the best beverage experience possible. For instance, if you love to enjoy different varieties of tea, you’ll probably want to get a tea infuser so you can explore the wonderful world of loose-leaf brewing. We offer several different tea infuser styles for you to choose from so you can have just the right kind of teamaking experience. This way, you’ll experience professional tea service style right in the comfort of your own home – no brewing bags required.

Several of the utensils in this tea and beverage tools category are multitaskers you can use for a variety of different applications. A classic wooden honey dipper can add sweetness to your morning bowl of yogurt or provide a finishing drizzle over a plate of prosciutto-wrapped melon. Soda siphons are ideal for creating a refreshing, bubbly glass of lemon water or adding a soda float to your favorite mixed drink. There are so many great possibilities at hand in this tea and beverage tools section – you can even pick up a second tea infuser to use as a reusable herb sachet for stocks and soups.

You can also use the tools in this section to elevate beverages made with other beverage equipment. For example, you can use a handheld milk frother to create a simple but decadent topping for coffee made in a standard drip coffee maker. This is a great solution for those who don’t quite want to go all in for a full espresso maker at home but still want to experience the delicious, airy delight of frothed milk crowning a steaming cup of coffee.

Tea and beverage tools can improve snacks, meals and coffee dates with friends. Use these tools to meet goals of cutting down on money spent at coffee shops. Your approach to breakfast can take a step in the right direction with a set of honey and toast tools or a portable coffee container that chills your coffee into a delicious, slushy treat. These tools can also be useful for deepening your understanding of your favorite beverage and how it’s made. If you’re quite particular about the quality of your brews, take matters into your own hands with your own set of expert-quality tools.

No matter what your favorite beverage is – be it hot chocolate or sweet iced tea – our tea and beverage tools section is sure to have something useful for you. Anything swiggable or sippable is fair game for this section. You can find a variety of different tools you never knew you wanted before. Get into home-brewing your own beer or perfect your approach to Italian soda made with fresh berry syrups. Impress your dinner guests with a sparkling signature cocktail or an after-dinner cup of cafe au lait. There’s no end to the culinary possibilities on offer in this section, so expand your horizons and get creative to see what you can whip up.