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Mixing Bowls

Every chef needs mixing bowls to turn great recipes into tasty meals. Williams-Sonoma offers high-quality bowls that make food prep as quick and easy as possible. That lets busy moms and dads spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their families. Our large selection of mixing containers helps you find exactly what you need for everything from chopping veggies to baking. They’re designed to stand up to everyday use and last a long time.

Melamine is popular with families since it’s practically unbreakable. That means kids can help out without you worrying about accidents. All of our melamine containers are BPA-free, so you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are safe. Its nonreactive surface lets you mix even acidic ingredients – like homemade spaghetti sauce – without ending up with unwanted flavors. Our melamine mixing bowls are available in bright colors that add an energetic flair to your countertop and get kids excited too. Make sure to have plenty of mixing tools on hand for inquisitive boys and girls.

The benefits of copper mixing bowls are twofold. First of all, they look amazing. Whether in use or proudly displayed in your work area, their golden glow adds tons of elegance to the room. The other reason professionals – especially pastry chefs – love working with copper is that it interacts – in a beneficial way – with egg whites by stabilizing them. That means fluffier pastries and a much easier time creating meringues. A rounded bottom lets you mix everything evenly and scoop out every last bit of goodness.

Glass containers are a big help when it comes to organized cooking. Individual glass mixing bowls of varying sizes can be used to hold all the ingredients you need before you even start cooking – just like professional cooks on TV. That way you can follow the recipe to a tee for stress-free cooking and excellent results. Having several different bowls with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and other essentials can also make taco night a big hit with friends and family. A large skillet is a must for many family favorites. Tempered glass can be used with hot or cold ingredients equally well and is even safe to put in your freezer or microwave.

Stainless-steel mixing bowls are the workhorses of the culinary world. They’re easy to use, versatile, exceptionally strong and lightweight at the same time. Deep sides make almost any task simple, from tossing salads to whipping pancake batter for breakfast. Look for rolled rims for drip-free pouring. And when it’s time to clean up, stainless-steel makes it almost effortless. Even pancake mix is a cinch to clean off of these containers. They can be used to store cookie batter in the freezer with no problems as well. Afterwards, just pop it onto a cookie sheet for a quick dessert.

Measuring bowls combine the space of a large container with the precision of carefully engraved markings. Ounces, quarts and cups are clearly indicated, so you can avoid mix-ups when preparing recipes. They’re a good choice for batters and other mixtures where every little bit counts. A pouring spout and a large handle let you pour easily into waiting pans. Heat-resistant glass can handle the freezer, the oven or your microwave without flinching. That’s helpful when you need to melt butter or heat up liquids. Our glass measuring bowls are also safe for the dishwasher. Measuring cups are essential for any kitchen as well.

Express your creative side even more with tons of color. Glazed ceramic mixing bowls offer visual excitement within the kitchen and outside too. That way you can spice things up during food prep while staying organized at the same time. There are sizes for every task. Beautiful bowls also double as chic serving pieces during informal parties. Popcorn, nuts, chips and other snacks are just some of the possibilities.

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