Whisks & Egg Beaters

Whisks and Egg Beaters

Be the king or queen of breakfast in your own kitchen domain when you whip up the fluffiest eggs, cream or pancake batter with balanced and sturdy new egg whisks in French, flat and balloon styles. Choose from stainless steel or silicone whisks with metal and ergonomic handles that don’t strain hands when long-term whisking is necessary for menu success. Order other tools for egg handling including innovative omelet makers that guarantee a perfect breakfast every time. Egg separators, fry rings and egg poachers are also handy to keep in your egg-cooking tool kit. Whisks for honey and dough are also available in the collection.

Choose the right mixing bowls to whisk your scrambled eggs, egg whites or pancake batter. Our pouring melamine mixing bowls nest in the cabinet for tidy storage and include a convenient wide lip to use as a handle or spoon rest. For the highest peaks on your whipped egg whites, order a copper bowl – one of the secrets top pastry chefs use to get maximum volume for meringues and macaroons. Managing and serving pancakes, French toast, scrambled or fried eggs is far easier with professional-quality Williams-Sonoma spatulas and other cooking utensils that complement nonstick and cast-iron cookware.