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Cooking Utensils: Spoon Rests, Kitchen Tongs and Other Essentials

The ideal complement to a set of high-quality Williams-Sonoma cookware, our cooking utensils are both reliable and very useful for creating delicious meals. Having the right tool for the job means faster food prep and less time in the kitchen. It also makes it easier to cook each dish – from an herb-infused roast to vegetables – correctly. Our kitchen tool sets are always a good choice for professionals and for talented home cooks. For even faster prep times, a collection of professional knives can make a big difference.

The Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen Essential 19-Piece Tool Set features the most important tools that every chef should have. From stainless-steel measuring cups to various spatulas and spoons, a five-sided grater, a garlic press and much more, this essential collection highlights how easy it can be to create outstanding food when you have the right tool for the job. Our kitchen tools make it simple to cook your family’s favorite dishes or to try out new recipes for guests. For example, using a pair of stainless-steel tongs is the ideal way to sear meats, which means juicier, more tender cuts and a mouthwatering appearance. To really impress friends and family, serve your finished meal on one of our beautiful dinner plates. For those who prefer to express their culinary skills through pastry, our baking accessories can make the hard parts much easier.