Wine Openers

Everyone knows any party can be spiced up in an elegant way with a simple bottle of wine, and you can’t crack open most bottles easily without a wine opener. Whether you are hosting friends for a dinner with the latest red wine to complement your chocolate cake or just want to kick back and enjoy a glass of Merlot, having a wine opener in your arsenal of kitchenware will always come in handy. Williams-Sonoma offers different sizes and variations of wine openers to ensure you have the right tool for the job, from corkscrews to levers, and can quickly get to enjoying your glass without the hassle of fighting with a cork.

It doesn’t matter if you simply want to show off your fine tastes or just uncork a bottle to pair with a delicate dinner you whipped up; adding a wine opener to your kitchen or even just to go with your bar to complete the collection will bring nothing but convenience and class. Show friends you’re prepared for the job of sharing a glass of Chardonnay over an intellectual chat or even just trading stories. Our wine openers come in a variety of styles, from classic to more contemporary, in materials such as steel and wood with variation of color and design. Sizes and shapes vary from the traditional spiral to vertical and come in either automatic or hand-twistable models. You can even enjoy options for openers that harness the power of air pressure instead of a corkscrew to ensure no bits of the cork fall into your bottle. Designs such as the Rabbit® include a rotating ring that makes it easier to align the corkscrew properly. The wine openers are also versatile enough to fit all wine bottle sizes.

We stock wine openers of the finest quality, from esteemed brands such as Laguiole En Aubrac and Vinturi. Trusted brands equate to a higher quality that provides a product more life and less worry over when to replace it.

In order to get the most use out of your wine opener for every party with friends and family, or even for those nights alone when you want to rest and relax with a little treat, proper cleaning is required. Wine openers should be hand washed and then properly dried to prevent water stains. Our stainless-steel wine openers should always be stored in a dry place. If the wine opener is made of any kind of rubber, keep it stored at room temperature, as rubber can crack when introduced to high heat.