Wine Buckets & Chillers

Toast to yourself and your perfectly chilled glass of white, red or rose. Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or a full-blown oenophile, investing in wine buckets and wine chillers from Williams-Sonoma offers a space-efficient alternative to larger wine refrigerators or wine cellars. While fridges and cellars are all about storing the wine at ideal temperatures, wine buckets and chillers focus on serving wine at the perfect coolness to optimize flavor. Choose from several options, including wine chillers, wine buckets and chilling wands.

Take those bottles out of storage and place them in a stylish beverage bucket filled with ice to keep them perfectly chilled. Modern beverage buckets offer sleek style and lovely designs that give them an upscale look that works for everything from a backyard cookout to a casual wedding. Look for a bucket that holds at least eight bottles along with 4-6 pounds of ice. Set it up on top of your bar area or on a buffet so that guests have easy access.

From hammered copper to cool marble, our elegant wine chillers add a gorgeous touch to your tabletop. Double-walled cylinders preserve the temperature of your wine while you relax and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Marble offers a neutral color and a classic look, while metal finishes add a little shimmer and shine to your table in addition to keeping your wine cooler longer. For an extra-special touch, look for a wine chiller in our monogram shop, where you can find options to personalize with initials or a monogram. Keep it for yourself or give it as a lovely gift.

When you need to chill your wine fast, our wine-chilling wands deliver speedy results for the perfect glass. Chill the wand in the freezer for three hours or longer before using it. You can expect to enjoy a perfectly cold, refreshing glass of wine in a few minutes rather than the hours that it normally takes. Chilling wands cool wine approximately 20 times faster than if you chill wine in the refrigerator. Whether you’re having an unplanned gathering or you forgot to chill the bottle, chilling wands offer a fast solution. Wine chiller/aerators are another versatile option. Many of these devices fit directly into the bottle. They chill wines to the perfect temperature to enhance the flavor and aroma of white wines or to cool reds to cellar temps while aerating the wine to replace the need for a decanter or allowing the wine to “breathe.”