Wine Accessories

Presenting or preserving the right bottle of wine when you’re entertaining is paramount to a formal, classic dinner. Having an extensive knowledge of what red to pair with meat, or what wine complements fish is sure to make a get-together a success. Beyond a knowledge of wine, it then becomes important to have the right tools for wine opening. Having the right wine opener as well as a way to preserve wines helps to make opening the wine seamless and enjoyable for your guests. Choose from a wide variety of wine accessories available from Williams-Sonoma.

When it comes to preserving wine, opt for a bottle stopper that provides an airtight seal for your wine, such as the Rabbit bottle stopper. Available in a set of two, these stoppers have a zinc cap with a brushed finish, and are BPA-free to ensure that no toxins make their way into your drink. An airtight seal ensures that wine is kept fresh for weeks after opening. For those who are new to the world of wine or simply need a bevy of tools at their disposal, opt for a complete wine set. This seven-piece set offers you many wine tools, such as an aerator, a wine preserver with vacuum pump, a corkscrew bottle opener, two stoppers, a foil cutter and an additional corkscrew spiral. This set allows you to do everything from start to finish, from cutting and opening the wine, to aerating it, to stopping and preserving it. The vacuum pump removes all of the air from the bottle, keeping any type of wine fresh and ready to use again, while the brushed stainless-steel finish provides a sleek and elegant look.

When you need to reseal and a regular wine stopper just won’t do, instead consider a dedicated champagne resealer to help keep champagne fresh after the party is over. This small, handy stainless-steel gadget has a silicone seal and a design especially made for resealing champagne and sparkling wines. A tight seal acts similarly to the original cork, keeping sparkling wine fresh for days and weeks after opening. If you really want to liven up a dinner party, choose from some fun wine tools that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Metallic markers specially made for printing on wine glasses allow you to write a person’s name on the glass, using it in place of a place card. Also, blind-tasting sleeves are ideal for a small wine tasting event. Simply cover the sleeves and let your guests sample the wine, without knowing the vintage or brand.