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Wine helps bring out flavors in many different foods, making it an excellent drink to pair with your dinner dishes. Our collection of wine tools features a great selection of items to help you serve the perfect glass to complement your meal. We carry a variety of tools ranging from wine openers to chillers. Browse a variety of brands such as Laguiole, Waring and our own Williams-Sonoma brand.

Wine openers are among the most popular wine accessories, and there are many kinds to choose from. Corkscrews are common openers, but even these feature many different designs. A basic corkscrew twists into the cork and requires some elbow grease to remove the cork from the bottle. This type of tool is better known as a twist corkscrew. The waiter’s corkscrew is a slightly more sophisticated version of the tool. This type includes a hinged arm that rests on the edge of the wine bottle, letting you use leverage to remove the cork. Winged corkscrews are popular with many wine enthusiasts, as they are easy to use. To use one of these, simply twist the corkscrew into the cork and press the winged arms down. The cork should easily slide out of the bottle opening, letting you effortlessly pour wine into your glass. Lever corkscrews feature a similar design; however, these feature a single lever instead of the winged arms.

Thanks to technology, wine openers have moved beyond basic corkscrews. Air pressure openers feature a hollow needle instead of a corkscrew and a small canister of CO2. The needle uses pressure from the canister to remove the cork from the bottle. Electric openers are also popular. Simply press a button and let the device do all of the work.

There are several other tools that are helpful for opening wine. If you are new to opening wine, you may want to rest the bottle on a coaster or trivet in case of spills. A foil cutter can come in handy for removing the tough foil around the bottle opening. Many waiter’s corkscrews come with a built-in version of this tool, but you can also find stand-alone tools if you opt for another kind of wine opener.


We also carry several tools for serving wine. Once the bottle is open, you can simply pour the wine into a decanter and let it breathe, but this can be a time-consuming process. Many wines require 30 minutes to two hours of exposure to oxygen to soften the strong flavors of the tannins. Aerators are handy accessories that let you speed up the process. These tools expose the wine to oxygen as you pour it, letting you cut down on the breathing time. Although a simple napkin tied around the bottleneck can preserve your tablecloth from spills and drips, a pourer or aerator can also be a handy tool for preventing spills while pouring your drinks.

Many white wines and sparkling wines are best served chilled. Although storing the bottle in your refrigerator or a wine fridge can chill it before serving, it may warm up quickly in hot weather. Keep your wine bottle cool on the table with a wine chiller. A basic wine bucket is easy to use and can make an attractive addition to your tabletop decor. Simply fill the bucket with ice to keep your wine cool throughout dinner. If you want to serve a selection of different bottles with your meal, you can also find larger buckets that can accommodate multiple bottles. Insulated chillers use insulating materials to keep your bottle cool, making them convenient choices.

Wine storage can also play a role in its flavor. Keep a wine rack in a cool place to preserve your wine during hot and humid weather spells. Light exposure can negatively affect wine quality, so be sure to store it somewhere dark. If you want to store your wine for extended periods of time, you may want to invest in a wine fridge. This appliance lets you control temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring excellent flavor when it comes time to serve a bottle.

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