Ice Tools & Buckets

From perfect spheres that come from state-of-the-art silicone molds to crushed ice from a machine, it pays to have access to the right kind of ice. Even if you tend to rely on the standard cubes that come out of your freezer‘s ice maker, Williams-Sonoma‘s ice tools may give you a new outlook on this seemingly mundane element of beverage prep. If you‘ve never used different ice tools at home before, you may be amazed by the degree to which an ice bucket or shaped ice mold can add a sense of sophisticated fun to your beverage presentation.

If you like throwing parties or even just entertaining a couple of friends every now and then, shaped ice molds should definitely be part of your bar-tool collection. We offer ice molds in novelty shapes and in practical silhouettes that allow you to chill a drink without watering it down. If you or someone you love is a serious whiskey drinker, you may be aware of the problem of balancing the desire for a chilled drink with the necessity of avoiding flavor dilution. This has long prevented whiskey drinkers from putting ice in their drinks, opting instead for chilling in a cocktail shaker. However, with our ice shapes, which include spheres and large cubes, you can serve drinks on the rocks with confidence. Large ice shapes melt slowly and evenly, allowing the drinker to take his time and enjoy pure flavor at a chilled temperature.

You can store these shaped cubes in one of our ice buckets, which are available in a range of different styles and sizes. From lovely faceted crystal to double-walled stainless-steel, we offer a variety of choices to suit any occasion. Pair your ice bucket with a set of ice tongs or a scoop to allow your guests to serve themselves or to facilitate a bar setup in a part of your house that doesn‘t have easy access to a freezer, such as an outdoor dining area.

From using ice molds to create interesting shapes for your drinks to having an ice bucket on hand for entertaining versatility, this product category is full of excellent ways to keep your life easy and fun, especially when you‘re hosting friends or family. When you use them for formal gatherings that call for traditional elegance or relaxed family nights that you want to make a little more memorable, ice tools can be a surprising gateway to new possibilities.