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When hosting a party, the drink menu is almost as important as the food menu. Fortunately, it is easy to play bartender when you have the right tools. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a full line of bar tools to help you mix the best cocktails at home.
Our cocktail shakers and mixing glasses come in a variety of styles and help to mix, shake, strain and pour just the right amount of alcohol for each drink. Stainless steel designs never go out of style, while a mason jar shaker has a distinctive Southern flair. A classic martini mixer allows you to make the perfect drink without spilling a drop.

Whip up a batch of mojitos with fresh mint by using one of our muddlers that crush fruits and herbs to extract maximum flavor. Choose from traditional wooden designs, or metal and nylon combinations. After mixing the drink, use a strainer to pour and remove any large chunks. We offer a large selection, from small pieces that fit over the top of the glass, to larger ones with handles that can strain bigger batches at once.

Keep an ice bucket nearby to always serve drinks cold. Available in a number of designs from metal to glass, the buckets look good displayed on a wet bar and make a nice gift. Get the right tools and make your house the one with the best drinks.