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When it comes to entertaining guests or relaxing with friends, few things are as constant as sharing a drink. Whether it’s just a beer or a tasty cocktail mixed by hand, Williams-Sonoma has everything you need to create drink masterpieces. With the right bar tools, you can make a name for yourself in no time as a mixology aficionado extraordinaire. Of course, for a great first impression, the glassware you choose is every bit as important as your drink-making skills.

Every barman needs his own tools. They’re like an extension of your creativity and imagination. Having a set – complete with a stand – is important because it keeps everything close by and organized. An uncluttered workspace is a necessity for mixing drinks. Most sets include a jigger, strainer, muddler, garnish knife and stirrer. As you might expect from us, however, our bar collections are much more than just functional. Show off your style with hand-hammered stainless-steel, copper or even electroplated gold bar tools. They’re sure to get the attention of your guests, and add a bit of distinction to your home’s bar. Monogrammed pieces also make excellent gifts for fellow enthusiasts.

Ice is present in many mixed drinks. Instead of settling for ordinary cubes bought from the store, make your own. Go all out with shapes and sizes that fit your personality. Spherical ice is popular with mixologists in the hottest clubs since it keeps drinks cold without melting too fast. That way you get all the flavor with just the right temperature. They look professional as well. Silicone molds for spherical ice are easy to use and release effortlessly. If you prefer the classic look and straight edges of cubes, make sure to go with silicone molds. Finished cubes slide right out, leaving ice pristine and perfect. An espresso maker lets you play around with distinctive flavors, and can also be used to make delicious chilled drinks.

You don’t have to be James Bond to know that cocktail shakers are a must-have item for any serious mixologist. Itʼs hard to beat the elegant sheen and reflective surface of traditional stainless-steel shakers. Since our pieces feature high-quality construction, you can expect top-notch results. Tight seals mean no leaks so you can shake drinks to your heart’s content. Large shakers can prepare as much or as little as you want, from a single martini to margaritas for everybody. Keep a cutting board close by for cutting garnishes.

Not every drink needs to be tossed around vigorously. If you want to highlight the crystal-clear quality of the alcohol you choose, a gentle stir is a better option. Glass containers look beautiful and enthrall guests as they watch you prepare their drink.

Muddlers make a huge difference in the quality of your drinks. Instead of just adding a slice of lime or a mint leaf, muddlers allow you to press ingredients to extract their raw flavors and oils. The result is something that tastes intense and bold. Wood muddlers add rustic charm or, for a modern twist, try nylon. Both keep your glassware in good shape. For a splash of lemon, our citrus tools save time.

Getting the right amount of each type of liquor, juice and other ingredients is crucial. For those with a trained eye, a jigger is the tool of choice. If you’re just getting started, a measuring beaker is a big help. Fluid ounce and milliliter markings ensure that you use the exact quantity needed. A small grater lets you add zest or spices to drinks.

Soda water is a key ingredient in tons of popular drinks like mojitos and Tom Collins. Instead of having to buy it every time you have company – or a craving for your favorite drink – make your own with a carbonator. Our sparkling water makers come with custom settings so you can decide the level of fizz you want. They don’t take long, as a full carafe is ready in 30 seconds.

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