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Can Openers

Can openers are one of those important kitchen tools that no cook can afford to be without when preparing a meal. For those times when you reach for a can of tomatoes or green beans, having a sturdy and reliable can opener at your disposal makes opening the can an easy task. Williams-Sonoma stocks a wide array of can openers in both manual and electric designs.

Throwing together a delectable quiche or omelet demands a few different egg tools, which can help you put dinner on the table in a hurry. Can openers make ingredients such as diced tomatoes and black beans simple to open for making Mexican poached eggs. A battery-operated can opener will be ready whenever you are to easily open cans without any effort from you or electricity to power it. Simply touch the button to open the can and the tool automatically stops after finishing the process. This can opener stores easily away in a drawer and it runs on two AA batteries.

When canning and preserving, can openers are useful gadgets as you concoct various recipes. Canning and preserving can also include the collection of different jars for your preserved foods. Although Mason jars are the standard for canning, you have a variety of other options to consider as well. This may be the time to invest in an electric can opener. Sitting sleekly on the counter, our electric can openers operate with one touch while holding the can tightly in place. The magnetic lid holder keeps the lid away from the open can once you open it. The brushed stainless-steel finish stays beautiful even with daily use.

Many can openers have kept up with technology, offering useful designs that enhance safety. With a magnetic locking can opener, the cutting tool effortlessly punctures the lid while the cushioned handles lock into place to hold onto the can. Turning the knob is also a breeze, thanks to the extra-large knob and the non-slip grips on the handle. Smart tools are another effective way to bring technology into the kitchen to streamline the cooking process. You can easily follow along with recipes on a tablet thanks to tablet holders and more.

Whether you prefer manual or electric can openers, after opening cans, you often turn to colanders and strainers for the next step in food preparation. Strainers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes for virtually any kitchen task. Jar openers can also help with those stubborn jar lids that just don’t want to budge. Simply wrap the silicone grabber around the jar lid, grasp the handle tightly in your hand for leverage, turn and the lid pops off easily. This flexible tool can also make a useful pot holder or trivet to protect hands and surfaces in the kitchen.

As essential as can openers are in the kitchen, you can’t be without measuring cups and spoons either. Glass measuring cups give you the tools you need for measuring liquid ingredients with precision. The smooth-edge can opener is also a cook’s dream because the cutting process leaves a safe and smooth edge on the can. This not only keep fingers safe but also lets you reuse your cans if you like. Also, the cutting wheel of the can opener will never touch the food, which helps you maintain a sanitary kitchen. The special built-in pliers of this can opener also helps you separate and dispose of the lid after opening the can. Choose the best tools to stock your kitchen, from can openers to utensils to timers and more.

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