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Baking Mats & Parchment

For perfect baked goods that lift up easily from the pan, it‘s hard to beat the convenience and efficacy of parchment paper and silicone mats. Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of baking mats and parchment that have been specifically selected for their reliability and good results. From the all-purpose Silpat liner, a must-have in well-stocked kitchens, to specially designed baking mats that help you bake specific treats such as French macarons, this product category is here to enhance your baking experience. Whether you‘re making sweet or savory baked goods, the right equipment can make the process much easier right up until the very end when you‘re finally ready to serve your latest creation. A silicone liner or parchment paper sheet can make the difference between a quick, clean release and a finished product that‘s stuck to the pan.

This section includes baking tools other than baking mats and parchment, including baking stones and prep boards that are perfect for use in bread or pastry baking. Use one of our marble or wood prep boards to knead your dough before transferring it to a pre-heated baking stone to ensure the perfect finish. We also offer pastry cloth and other accessories that assist you in turning out perfectly crafted baked goods of all kinds. Even notoriously tough recipes such as croissants can feel within your reach with the right set of equipment.

Baking mats and parchment are a great alternative to greasing a cookie sheet. While grease can polymerize and stay stuck on your cookie sheets no matter how much you scrub them, silicone liners and parchment paper remove easily, and any leftover residue is easy to clean up with normal washing. Anything you stick in the oven to bake or roast, from vegetables and small cuts of meat to cookies and cakes, can be paired with a baking mat or piece of parchment paper. Parchment paper is a great choice if you work with cake pans frequently; you can simply cut a round or square piece of parchment to fit into the bottom of the cake pan, which will make the finished product release much more easily from the pan.

Versatile baking mats and parchment can pair with a wide range of different types of bakeware, from round or square pans to sheets of all sizes. The other items in this product category can help you put all that equipment to good use by allowing you to neatly knead, shape and transfer loaves and other dough shapes that are destined for the oven.

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