Pastry-Decorating Tools

No matter the occasion, whether it is a holiday or you just want to treat yourself to something sweet, pastry decorating tools can transform any cupcake or pastry into a unique, flavorful experience. Williams-Sonoma offers everything from decorating tubes to pastry bags, food coloring and piping sets to satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your artistic flair.

Whether you are making a full sheet for the bake sale or just an after-dinner snack, having pastry-decorating tools makes your time in the kitchen effortless and interesting. Pastry decorating tools come in all sizes, shapes and materials to best fit your needs. Piping bags can make a baker of any experience level able to turn out the most elegantly frosted cupcakes to place on a serving platter. Cookie cutters turn the most simple sugar dough into a treat to remember for a celebration from a birthday to Christmas. Any baking mix can be transformed to an artistic desert to share with your friends and family with the right pastry tips. Consider our tip sets that attach to pasty bags or a decorating tool with a handy tube and squeeze-grip handle. Tips create a multitude of designs with icing – or mashed potatoes if you like – such as zigzags, shells, rosettes, fleur-de-lys and more.

Stainless-steel cookie cutters make for easy-cleaning tools that add a decorative touch to your baking. Nylon pastry bags with accompanying tips are hand-washable for countless uses, or you can opt for sturdy disposable pastry bags. Food coloring and chocolate decoration pens offer a fun way to up your dish in presentation without having to get too complex. Concentrated colors blend evenly onto frosting and can be measured for multiple usages. The option for food coloring gives you limitless tones so that even the same mix can be transformed into a different creation each time you bake it. Set sizes for everything from dyes to cookie cutters vary to fit your needs. Piping bags can be selected in different lengths to prevent product waste. We offer brands such as Ateco, meaning that you do not have to worry about quality with over 100 years and four generations of producing quality baking and pastry tools.

In order to maintain optimum performance, your pastry-decorating tools should be cleaned and stored properly to ensure life and resilience. Most pastry tools such as cookie molds and some piping sets are dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup and more time to enjoy your treats. Stainless steel piping sets and cutters should always be dried before being stored to prevent spotting.