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Whether you want to delight your family with a fresh batch of cookies or show off your culinary prowess with a delicious soufflé, having the right baking tools is key to success in the kitchen. Not only do baking supplies make any cooking project a little easier, but they also aid in your presentation and even help an average recipe stand out from the rest. From decorating the finished product is an art form that brings impressive appeal to any delicacy. Use a pastry bag decorating kit to create beautiful, edible artwork like flowers or writing on top of a cake, and swap out the pastry tips to achieve different shapes and designs. Food decorating paste gives you the ability to create a rainbow of colors, while a cookie die kit lets you turn ordinary cookies into fun shapes. Use a decorating pen to put the final, intricate details on your creation, and then box your delicacies and wrap them up in colorful baker’s twine. Presentation is key and puts the finishing touches on any baking project.