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Baking & Pastry Tools

Whether you want to delight your family with a fresh batch of cookies or show off your culinary prowess with a delicious soufflé, having the right baking tools is key to success in the kitchen. Not only do baking supplies make any cooking project a little easier, but they also aid in your presentation and even help an average recipe stand out from the rest. From pastry tools to decorating supplies, Williams-Sonoma has the items you need to make your next baking project a kitchen win.

The key to success with any kind of baking is combining the right ingredients in the right way. Since even a teaspoon too much of any ingredient can throw off a recipe, it’s essential to have all the right tools on hand before getting started. To begin, give yourself a clean, non-stick work space with a pastry mat or pastry board. Make sure you measure flour correctly with a flour sifter, so you don’t end up with dense cookies or cakes. Tired of burnt pie crusts? Use a piecrust shield to protect those delicate edges. Rolling pins, wire whisks and spatulas are staples for any kitchen, while more advanced tools like a cookie press or churro tool take your baking to the next level. A kitchen torch makes the perfect creme brûlée, while a pancake pen gives you perfectly proportioned pancakes every time. From parchment paper to silicone baking mats, the right baking tools can make even the average baker become a pro.

The right baking tools are essential and quickly become kitchen staples, but there are other supplies you’ll want to keep on hand for baking success. Many recipes call for parchment paper, which lets things cook evenly without sticking to the bottom of the pan. Other instructions require nonstick baking spray to avoid stuck-on foods. Keep a silicone jar opener close by to ensure that you never have a problem opening that vacuum-sealed lid, and use an oven rack to speed preparation time and cook several cookie trays at once. These supplies increase your efficiency and aid in cleanup, making baking more of a joy.

Anyone who has experience in the kitchen knows that presentation is just as important as taste. Collapsed pies or sloppy pastries just don’t look appealing, no matter how delicious they might actually be. When you are baking, don’t overlook the importance of the final delivery. Pastry tools and supplies are available to make your hard work shine. Create a stunning work of art on top of a pie with a piecrust cutter, or effortlessly cover your creation using a lattice mold. Use a tartlet baking set to create stunning fruit tarts, or choose a pastry crimper to design pasta and cookies that look like works of art. Take special care to cook your pastries correctly with a wire rack that lets your creations cool once they come out of the oven. Pastry blenders, biscuit cutters and cookie scoops all work to make your baking look as good as it tastes.

With some pastries like cakes or cookies, baking is just half the process; decorating the finished product is an art form that brings impressive appeal to any delicacy. Use a pastry bag decorating kit to create beautiful, edible artwork like flowers or writing on top of a cake, and swap out the pastry tips to achieve different shapes and designs. Food decorating paste gives you the ability to create a rainbow of colors, while a cookie die kit lets you turn ordinary cookies into fun shapes. Use a decorating pen to put the final, intricate details on your creation, and then box your delicacies and wrap them up in colorful baker’s twine. Presentation is key and puts the finishing touches on any baking project.

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