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Christmas Food

Deliver the sweetest holiday treats to friends and family this Christmas. The assortment of Christmas food selections from Williams-Sonoma includes everything from delectable chocolate and candy to appetizers, side dishes and entrees. No matter what you need to complete your buffet on Christmas, Williams-Sonoma makes it easy to whittle down your wish list.


Tempt the taste buds with flavorful treats like peppermint bark, chocolate-drizzled pretzels and delicious hot cocoa. Our assortment of sweets includes must-haves that will keep friends and family coming back for more around the holidays. We also offer a selection of gingerbread displays that double as decorations, along with cakes and cupcakes sure to please every sweet tooth. No hodgepodge of holiday treats is complete without pecan, cherry, pumpkin and apple pie.


Don’t forget to treat guests to tasty appetizers too. Our selection of starters includes fried ravioli bites, crab cakes, mini pizzas and assorted sliders. When it’s time to delve into dinner, choose one of our many delicious entrees to adorn the table. With a variety of delicious side dishes available, completing a delectable and memorable holiday meal is simple to do. This Christmas, discover everything you need to present the perfect meal from start to finish.