Cooking Sheets & Baking Sheets

Whether you’re an aspiring pastry chef who needs serious bakeware or a busy single professional who wants a convenient way to bake frozen cookie dough, you need at least one quality baking sheet. Premium cookie sheets and baking pans are designed to conduct heat evenly to each one of your cutout cookies and bake them to a golden brown. They also ensure your hard work pays off in the presentation, since they have easy-release, nonstick properties that let your baked goods easily slide out of the pan.

If you entertain often you need some or all of the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch® cookie and baking sheets. They have superior heat conduction and a gold tone nonstick finish that let you seamlessly transfer your appetizers from oven to formal platters. TraditionalTouch™ pans have reinforced wire coating around the edges to make them extra strong when baking up sheet cakes or heavy pastries. The diamond-grid bottom surface of the pan aids in proper heat circulation to ensure evenly baked goods.

Calphalon Gourmet cookie sheets have steel cores and interlocking nonstick layers that perform for everything from artisan bread to tapas. When it’s cookie-baking time, the wire cooling racks come in handy for cooling, frosting and decorating cookies, cupcakes and candies. Treat yourself to a new marble rolling pin that naturally keeps a cool temperature to inhibit sticky dough from adhering to it. Or try an adjustable rolling pin to make dough rolling beautiful and efficient. Our cookie sheets and baking pans will finish all of your rolled-out creations and you’ll be able to rely on them for many holidays and seasons. KitchenAid® offers baking sheets that work well with parchment paper when cooking gingerbread, tuiles or any other delicate pastry. Order a half-sheet pan or a set which includes one-quarter and full sheet pans made of professional-grade aluminum and interlocking nonstick layers that provide superior heat conduction and food release.

If you only need a baking sheet occasionally, choose the best one you can find with the shape you need. The All-Clad Stainless-Steel cookie sheets feature aluminum cores and a wide lip to grab with oven mitts. Three sides of the All-Clad sheets have an open edge that makes it easy to slide cookies on a plate, and you can use the baking sheet for everything from broiling to toasting. If you want to make occasional profiterole and cookie doughs and you have a small space find a small hand mixer to make dough creation easier.

For all the pizza gourmands out there, discover the secrets of the perfect pizza at home. Unravel the mystery in steps, starting with your own oven and a basic baking pan like one of the Calphalon or our exclusive Protouch® Nonstick jelly roll pans. The deep sides of jelly roll pans let you make Sicilian-style and rectangular deep dish pizzas for a crowd. As you enjoy becoming proficient at creating your crust, sauce and toppings, discover the advantages of using a pizza stone and add other specialty tools to your kitchen as well. The tiered folding baker’s rack is a great accessory to have on hand when baking up multiple sheets of pizza, cookies or other snacks, and it closes up for storage when you’re done. When it comes to party and snack foods, calzones and other melted sandwiches and wraps often taste much better when heated on a baking sheet in a standard oven than they do when cooked in a microwave. The texture is often far superior in an oven-toasted sandwich as well.

Read our informative Use and Care information to learn which tools to select for use with your cookie sheets and baking pans. We have a wide selection of silicone, wooden and other heat-safe, nonstick spatulas and turners from which to choose. You should have at least one nonstick turner broad enough to transfer hot cookies and appetizers from your baking sheets and a set of nonstick tongs for turning items like fish sticks and meatballs.