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The Le Creuset line of stoneware dishes is functional and beautiful. With several colors available in nearly every dish, you can select a set or an individual dish that matches your kitchen decor or just suits your personal sense of style. With so many sizes and shapes to choose from, you will be equipped to prepare roasted meats and potatoes, and baked casseroles, gratins, pies and more. To complete your Le Creuset collection, there are pieces for making coffee and tea, and accessories for storage and preparation.

To equip your kitchen in one fell swoop, or for an excellent gift, consider a set of dishes. Williams-Sonoma offers sets of standard and specialty bakeware. From the standard four-piece bakeware set of oval gratin dish, rectangular baking dish and a round casserole dish with a cover to the 10-piece set, which includes both cast-iron and stoneware pieces for different heat distribution when cooking, three covered dishes, a matching set of gratins and a cast-iron skillet, there is an array of dishes to suit any baker’s level of interest. The adorable mini cocotte set includes four personal sized dishes for preparing and serving pot pies, soups or desserts. The set includes a cook book with 25 recipes created especially for these special small dishes.

For those who are looking for one specific piece, there are many to choose from. Baking dishes with and without lids in all different shapes and sizes. The large and versatile deep covered baker is big enough to roast a whole chicken or lamb shank, but can also be used for casseroles. The shallow square and rectangular covered casserole dishes are perfect for lasagna, or a smaller meat and vegetable roast. The oval covered baking dishes are traditionally suited for poultry, and the baking dish with a platter lid is perfect for potlucks – the platter acts as a lid for transport but can be removed to serve a side when you reach your destination. All these covered baking dishes include matching lids in your choice of bold colors reminiscent of vintage kitchenware.

Dishes without lids serve to cook many casseroles and desserts and are more economical and easier to store. Le Creuset offers a variety: large and small rectangular dishes, oval gratins, square baking dishes, and pie and loaf pans. All of these dishes are durable enough to stand the test of time and are safe to use in the oven, broiler, freezer and microwave. The glazed finish is easy to clean and attractive enough to go from oven to table. Choose a finish to match or complement your other pieces.

Stoneware is not only functional but is also attractive for the kitchen and table. Coffee and tea are daily staples in many homes, and the Le Creuset stoneware mugs are durable and comfortable to hold. Match them up with a carbon-steel tea kettle with matching porcelain enamel finish or a stoneware French press for the perfect cup of coffee that will suit even the most discriminating connoisseur. Serve your drink of choice with matching Le Creuset Cafe sugar bowl and creamer for a complete experience. Store your ground coffee or beans in a coordinating stoneware coffee canister. There are other kitchen accessories available from Le Creuset as well. A spoon rest protects your stove top and an old-fashioned pie bird goes in the oven with your to vent steam and ensure the perfect crust. At the table, a matching stone ware butter crock and salt crock will complement the meal.

For function and coordination, along with vintage charm, look no further than the Le Creuset bakeware products. With durable construction, charming design, and an array of color finishes for matching or coordinating sets, you can be assured that your hearty, homey casseroles and other baked dishes will appeal to the taste buds as well as the sentimentality of your family and guests.