Pancake Shapes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and whether you are in a hurry to get off to work or waking up with a little time to spend sipping your coffee, hot, fluffy pancakes are a great addition to your family’s breakfast plates. To add some flair and fun to your morning routine, keep those hot cakes a fan favorite by using pancake shapes and molds to turn your fluffy circles into tasteful shapes for the holidays or even just for a morning spread, topped with your favorite additions from whipped cream to classic maple syrup. With the pancake mix filling the pancake shapes, molding your breakfast into a treat while breaking out the spatula to whip up batter will be no hassle at all. Williams-Sonoma offers pancake shapes in a variety of molds, including fun shapes for the holidays, patterns children and adults alike will enjoy eating and simple shapes for those just looking for a little variation to their normal breakfast fare.

Pancake shapes are available in different materials and colors to suit a specific theme or for a preferred make. Pancakes molds come in stainless-steel forms for durability and oven safety and in silicone for easy cleaning. You simply have to place the mold on a griddle, and pour the batter inside. Once the pancake has started to cook, simply lift the pancake shape off of the griddle and place it on your plate. You have a perfectly formed breakfast staple prepared in a fun and interesting way.

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