From seasonal shapes to simple geometrics, our individual cookie cutters allow you to select a single cutter for a specific purpose rather than picking up an entire set. While sets can certainly be useful, sometimes you don‘t need more than one cutter on hand for a job, whether you‘re cutting cookies, making biscuits or creating a savory terrine. These individual cookie cutters allow you to focus on efficiency, which can be great for storage and organization in a kitchen of any size. Get the cutter you need in your desired shape and size for quick use and a simple approach in the kitchen.

Williams-Sonoma‘s cookie cutters and pancake molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from fun characters and animals to nesting circles with scalloped edges. Our individual cookie cutter selection focuses more on utility than variety, which you‘ll find plenty of in our collection of cutter sets. Instead, the individual cookie cutter category zeroes in on tools that are maximally useful. If you find yourself cutting biscuits with a glass or shaping pie dough by hand with mixed results, an individual cutter may be just what you need to bring precision into the job, whether you‘re baking a sweet treat or cooking a hearty meal.

With their versatile, basic shapes, our individual cookie cutters are useful for a variety of kitchen tasks. Use a solo circular cutter to create doughnut cutouts for filled treats such as lemon curd or raspberry jam doughnuts. You can use the same circular cutter to create uniform English muffins, hamburger buns and scones with ease. And there‘s no reason why your simple single cookie cutters can‘t get in on the act when you‘re decorating sugar cookies. Simply use the basic shape as the backdrop for an elaborate design, whether you opt for a representational look for smiley faces and other emoji or you develop an abstract pattern in colorful icing.

Pair your individual cookie cutters with other important bakeware basics such as a new cookie sheet or simply bring home a much-needed cookie cutter to replace whatever stand-in you‘ve been using to turn out shaped culinary creations. Whether you live in a small urban apartment with limited drawer space or a spacious country estate with ample storage, focusing on a single, efficient tool is an excellent strategy for acquiring a useful culinary arsenal. Our individual cookie cutters fit this mold of efficiency perfectly.